How to write a critical essay

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The words “criticism” and “criticize” for many associated with conviction, identifying the negative sides. You may find that writing a critical essay is to break all the author’s arguments and show how weak his work. But actually this is not so.

What is a critical essay?

To begin with, that criticism involves analysis, which revealed both negative and positive sides of this phenomenon. Critical essays — this is the sort of essay in which you analyze and evaluate any kind of scientific work (thesis, article, report) or artwork.

Students can give a task to write critical essays with the aim of developing their critical thinking, because in the process they learn to identify in the work of the contradictions you find errors, inaccuracies, to see the strengths and weaknesses of the work and to verify the authenticity of those or other arguments.

The technique works with the original

The first thing to be copy of the original work. If this is a scientific article or a short story, you will not be difficult to make a photocopy of it. More complicated is the case with writing like dissertation or capacious art books. If the work exists in electronic form, you can review it on your computer, for example, using the markup tools in Microsoft Word. In other cases you will have to do all the entries in the Notepad for making notes.

If the work is small, first read it to get a General idea about it. Describe in free form their impression of the work, and make a small annotation. In the case of large work read individual chapters and describe your impression of each of them. In large works is a good idea to do the necessary notes (see below).

When re-reading pay attention to the details. If it is a scientific work, to check the validity of extended abstracts, pay attention to the logical harmony, completeness, clarity of presentation, etc. In literature should pay attention to develop the work of the storyline, well-conceived characters, the originality of the plot, the presence of a climax and more.

Underline all that you are puzzled or outraged. Write on the margins or in a notebook the questions, note any inaccuracies, weak and strong work. All this will help you further essay writing.

The technique of writing a critical essay

In the water part critical essay, you should identify the work itself and its author. It is recommended to note the academic regalia or writers, as well as the date of publication of his work.

Describe briefly raised in the problem. In the case of scientific work be sure to indicate the purpose of the work, the main scientific statement and the author’s arguments.

Describe the author’s experience. When considering scientific work be sure to find out how reputable scientist in the scientific community. The authority is confirmed by publications in important journals, high citation of previously published work, scientific papers, titles, degrees, etc. note how the scientist are correct and accurate in work. Do not use outdated or questionable from the point of view of science information sources, it always confirms their arguments arguments, if consistently presents the material?

If we are talking about the writer pay attention to his experience. Be sure to note in the essay that the author is new to this activity, or list his achievements if he is an experienced writer. In the second case, compare his mastery of current and first jobs.

Skip to the main part of the essay, which must be greater in volume than the introduction and conclusion.

In the case of writing a critical essay on scientific work the main part should be devoted to the availability in the arguments and to identify counterarguments. Determine that the work described is too vague and requires further explanation that is ambiguous, that requires new research. Perhaps you think the author introduced the system or the technique is too complex for implementation in a specific area. Explain your point of view and offer solutions to the problem. While we are talking about an essay of his style, it should be closer to the research projects (theses, coursework, thesis) than to literature.

When writing an essay on an art work, the emphasis make on opened by the author of the problem, the construction of image system, the disclosure of the characters, the use of original artistic techniques, etc. Describe the most successful and unsuccessful moments. This essay should be more artistic than scientific option. Known to you use literary techniques to write vivid and bright, giving a good comparison to make your essay somehow hooked the reader and given him the desire to read the original.

Skip to the conclusion. Provide your overall opinion of the analyzed work. Do you agree with the author’s arguments? Offer your solutions that you arrived at in the course reading materials: what can be improved or added to. Also, specify in the conclusion, what is the significance of done the author of the work. If he is a scientist, his work must have some value for further development of science. The writer may have been able to open acute social problems, to describe a new culture or to do other significant work for the society.

Re-read your critical essay and make any necessary adjustments to: correct errors, remove irrelevant phrases, strengthen weak areas. In this case you must ensure that your work has been written in friendly tone and did not contain unacceptable attacks against the author in the form of hidden or overt insults.

Don’t forget to correctly draw essay, maintaining its structure . In the design you will also help articles on our website in the section ” Requirements for formatting the essay according to GOST “.