How to pass the exam

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How to pass the exam? This is a key question every student prior to the session. No matter how you studied during the semester truant or have been cramming, one goal – to pass exams, preferably perfectly. In this article, I have collected all their experience gained over many years of learning, and tried to give the most effective advice how to pass the session.

So, let’s consider the main stages.

Very often the teachers make it easy to imagine the exams by issuing the exams. This is available to not all students. Note that you need to do to be able to pass the exam machine:

  • to participate in competitions and conferences on the subject. Generally to participate in the College conference of wishing not to find. But the opportunity to take the exam machine is a significant boost.
  • to attend all the lectures (even if the teacher notes attendance), to prepare for all practical work, including additional literature.

Regular students such maneuvers are too lazy to do so during a session on the machine does not have to rely.

2. How to pass the exam: preparation

How to prepare for the exams everyone decides for himself: to cram all the tickets or write a crib. Note General tips:

Write a crib. SURE! To use them in the exam or not – this is a situation will be seen. But while such “scribbling” absorbed the bulk of the material, even unconsciously. During the exam, these scraps of knowledge must occur in memory.

During training the main goal is to understand, not to memorize. If you understand the principle of operation, you will be able to explain exam, and this is a significant plus.

Energy drinks. Time most often on exam preparation are not enough, and remains for this night only. Can’t sleep on the books and how to prepare will help energy. You can use student cocktail – coke coffee is a more economical option. However, do not overdo it. There is a risk to come to the exam with glass eyes and the teacher does not correct You will understand, by sending home.

The day before the exam to look at the latest news on handed subject. If it’s the economy – learn the latest news in the economy, if political science – in politics, if the securities – stock exchange news, etc. Teachers appreciate when during the exam the student can Express his opinion on contemporary situation in the study of the subject. In addition, in this way you can “wriggle out” of a difficult situation when you don’t know the answer to a specific question, gently deflecting on the current situation in the world.

Before the exam be sure to get some sleep. To sleep or not is difficult to answer, but at least 2-3 hours. During this time the brain has time to sort through everything that was crammed into it over the last few hours. And during the exam to take this information with the desired shelves.

The appeal of freebies. I personally this way do not believe, but many students enjoy.

2. How to take the exam directly on the exam

hardwares: micro, phones, etc. May be at some stage the funds were good, and brought the expected result. But at the moment, to pass the exam, they are useless. In many universities during exams are stubs, and You simply won’t be able to use them.

for the exam to take a chocolate. Before you go to the office, to eat a little. Chocolate stimulates the brain, forcing us to concentrate on the tasks.

during the response to the question that does not know the exact answer, smoothly go to another where more are targeting. Only that this transition was unobtrusive. Although a competent teacher of course notice such a substitution, but usually this is not reproach. “Know the student.”. By the way, you can “fail” and for the latest news on a subject, You of course don’t forgot to watch before the exam.

to sit at the first desks. As a rule, the teachers watch for the “last” part, because there was the opinion that “speciatly” is sitting behind them. However, the Council – mouth, and in the first row to light up. In addition, answering the question, not say word for word the lecture material will be immediately clear that off.

And finally, luck is an important point in the exam. Do not miss the right moment to use it. Cases like this successfully delivery there are many. For example, in my memory – the student worked in a taxi at night. Instead of teaching the exam, went to chauffeur. And how especially, among the passengers, caught him by the teacher, who the next day must take the exam. The teacher was not sober and drunk. The student drove him to the house, walked up to the apartment and handed over to his wife in one piece. It’s got promise of excellent exam that happened the next day. Well, the teacher was honest and fulfilled his promise!

Or another case. I came to take the exam in the morning. As you know, the exam group is given about 3-5 hours. Someone comes to the very beginning to go first, someone near the endto the house to get something to read. And I decided (though nothing is taught), whether what will be, will give up. The teacher after a holiday in high spirits. And all five students who were waiting for him near the audience, put a gun fine, not even handing out tickets. The rest had to surrender.

Here are tips on how to pass the exam. If anyone else has any ideas, please write in the comments, let the others enjoy.