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Social studies is one of the most popular subjects exam, because the certificate of good points on this subject opens up opportunities for entry into highly quoted Universities of various faculties.

If you confidently opted for the social studies or decided to pass the tests in the discipline, considering it to be easier for other subjects of the school curriculum, we offer you to learn:

Although, for most students, mathematics seems simple enough subject, the statistics of the results of the unified state examination shows that not all subjects with ease and get high scores. Why?

If we ignore the fact that social science as a third subject often choose 11-the fifth graders how to the last undecided with the desired direction of further study, the reasons are not very successful exam three:

Coverage tickets sufficiently large number of topics within the course such subjects as: Economics, politics, law, sociology and philosophy.

The absence of many students the ability to work with information, presented in tables and graphs.

Problems with a competent essay.

It is a short essay-argument in which graduates must not only disclose the meaning of the utterance, but also to substantiate their arguments, skilfully in terms of different themes, drawing on personal experience, cause most of the graduates difficulties. But, in fact, everything is quite simple if you spend some time preparing for the exam.

Where to start?

Find out what essay topics will be offered on the exam on social science in 2018.

To work out every possible topics.

To make a basic plan, which will help quickly and competently write essays in social studies and successfully enroll in your desired UNIVERSITY in 2018.

Essay topics on the exam of 2018 social studies

To say exactly what kind of theme will offer graduates in 2018, no one can, as it announced after opening the envelope on the day of the exam. But to prepare well for essay is possible, because all possible subjects are in the collection of which will be taken the job for the exam on social science in 2018.

You can see the themes and topics of different modules in social studies visit our portal or save the pdf file to your computer. To open files of this format can be special programs or simply through any browser installed on your PC.

Plan to essay on social science

Regardless of the direction and themes of the essay should have the following structure:

  • Main quote.
  • The theoretical argument.
  • Examples from personal experience or social practice, history or literature.
  • A short conclusion.

Try to find the citations for each topic. But note that the choice of quotes should be reasonable and be supported by further arguments and examples.

To disclose the relevance of the problem, use the phrase-cliche:

For proper disclosure of the chosen topic should:

  • periodically return to the topic in different paragraphs in the essay;
  • add brief information about the author of the statements;
  • try not to go beyond;
  • not to dilute the text of the facts and arguments that are irrelevant to the selected theme;
  • to describe different views on the problem and existing solutions.

Not to deviate during exam 2018 in social science from the intended path will help plan an essay in which step by step you can easily write an essay-argument.

Formulating the main idea, do not repeat the full statement, use the appropriate cliche:

  • “The meaning of a statement is that…”
  • “The author is absolutely convinced that…”
  • “The statement the author is trying to draw attention to the fact that…”

Expressing his opinion, do not rush to take the side of the author. You can agree with him only partially, or even to bet by giving strong arguments in favor of their position. Depending on the chosen direction in the block, you can use the phrase:

To argue their opinion is needed on the theoretical and empirical levels. So, making your plan towards essay for the exam in 2018, be sure to prepare life examples, the theoretical material from different topics in social studies, as well as historical facts.

Conclusion is 1-2 sentences that summarizes the argument.

Advice from a teacher! Working through each topic, make yourself a reference table for each of the statements that write down 1-2 sentences to each point of the plan.

Evaluation essay on social science

For the well written reasoning graduate may receive a maximum of 5 points.

Only when setting the points for the essay are evaluated:

Important! If properly disclosed the meaning of the utterance, it an essay on is not checked for execution of this task will be billed at 0 points.

Before the start of the exam 2018 is still quite a lot of time, and this means that you can learn how to make a plan of writing essays and learn the theory on social science more than real. The main thing is to set a goal and strive to achieve it through daily classes and relentless training in writing a quality essay.